Six Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning is essential in maintaining healthy, hygienic environments. However, too often the process of cleaning up requires the usage of harsh cleaning chemical supplies and products that can do more harm than help clean your space. 

Here are some benefits of switching over to eco-friendly cleaning products and supplies and why you should consider the change:

  1. Gentler on the environment
    Many chemicals-based cleaning supplies are full of harmful substances such as ammonia, phthalates, chlorine, nonoxynols, to name a few. However, with eco-friendly cleaning products these chemicals are eliminated- For example, Enzyme Wizard Bathroom and toilet cleaner Melbourne, uses enzymes that break down toilet bowl grime into its basic elements. Carbon, hydrogen and other elements readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Even mineral build-ups like calcium and lime simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds it in place. Plus, the enzymes completely remove odours, leaving the room smelling fresh and truly clean without strong fragrances.

  2. Skin-friendly
    Eco-friendly cleaning products
    and supplies are gentle for allergies, asthma & skin irritations. Wyndham cleaning supplies policy is to check all home products for any chemicals that may harm your children and your pets, labelling our products accordingly while providing alternatives, such as the all-purpose surface spray that is tested to be organic and gentle on skin, while still being powerful with enzymes working to destroy messes.
  3. No animal testing
    Way too many companies try out and test their products on animals, which is not only unethical but also quite disheartening. With eco-friendly cleaning products, you get rid of the worry that the product went through animal texting to hand in your hands. 

  4. Cost effective
    Using eco-friendly products means less damage to your surfaces and therefore less expenditure on repairs. Eco-friendly products are less abrasive and safer to work with, also reducing risk. As Classic Cottages puts it “With natural alternatives to abrasive, chemical cleaning agents, you can avoid significant wear and tear to your property and potentially enjoy longer periods of time before having to replace surfaces and units.”

  5. Knowing the ingredients
    Especially for households with pets and children, it is important to keep in mind that chemical cleaning supplies can be harsh and dangerous, posing risks of skin irritations, allergies and asthma. Opting for eco-friendly cleaning solution options will eliminate the risk of skin irritations and ensure that your little ones are safe to roam around after having had the house cleaned! Knowing the ingredients is easier with eco-friendly products as the lack of chemicals makes the ingredient list a lot simpler and natural, meaning that it is not only easier to know what you’re using around the house, but also aids in logging what your kids or pets are around and if any ingredients may not suit them.  Also, a company’ transparency with what their products contain, helps to build trust in that company and its products.  

  6. Biodegradable
    Using chemical cleaning solutions can have a terrible impact on our waterways, air, soil and wildlife, when these chemicals are inevitably flushed down sink, floor and toilet drains and released into the environment, notes In-Tech Commercial Cleaning.  Cleaning products from Wyndham cleaning supplies such as the Oven and cooktop cleaners from Enzyme Wizards contains a proprietary surfactant-based formula designed to break down fats, greases and oil. It naturally lifts grease from all surfaces, is a bio-based and naturally derived product, has no Harsh fumes and can be discharged down the drain.

Keeping any space clean is essential but what would make the process even more effective is by utilising chemical-free and eco-friendly products as it will benefit the people living in those areas, living in a chemical-free environment. This will ensure fewer flareups or chemical-induced skin irritations and make spaces more liveable for children and pets. Additionally, eco-friendly cleaning will allow for your home or business to be more environmentally savvy and with no additional costs when switching over from chemical products to eco-friendly ones. 

At Wyndham Cleaning Supplies we’re trying to be conscious of the impact our products have on the environment and striving to include eco-friendly options that leave the local flora and fauna in your area unharmed, while still keeping the surroundings clean.

We want to ensure that the products we sell to you are good for not only you but the environment too! 

At Wyndham Cleaning Supplies we stock Enzyme Wizard natural products, packed with effective cleaning powers that are kind to the environment and break down products naturally. And, switching to an eco-friendly and eco-conscious alternative to clean your space means injecting fewer chemicals in your area, greater efficiency and overall safety. Wyndham cleaning equipment and cleaning products contain no caustic ingredients, has double strength enzyme formula, is soap-free and eliminates dirt and grime, whilst being biodegradable.

To purchase eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are biodegradable, will reduce indoor pollution, is biodegradable and will be gentle on the environment and your skin, having done no animal testing, browse through the Wyndham Cleaning Supplies range or find eco-friendly cleaning products online here

Our staff at Wyndham Cleaning Supplies in Melbourne understand the need for a clean environment and are committed to providing our clients with the best eco-friendly cleaning supplies in Melbourne.

With Wyndham Cleaning Supplies you’ll always get your money’s worth with every purchase.

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