We give you 6 reasons why you should opt for eco-friendly cleaning products

Going green is more than just recycling stuff here and there - It is a lifestyle choice. Going green doesn't mean you should avoid every single food item, rather, it is more about changing your thoughts regarding what you can do to save our mother earth! It is also about considering the repercussion of our choices and how much it impacts. In the light of various global natural disasters, it has now become important to make the shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle. One of the biggest misconceptions about eco-friendly living is that it can be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult to achieve. But this isn't the case. Using renewable resources can be more cost-effective and beneficial to the environment.

Switching to use eco-friendly cleaning products is one of the best ways to combat the harm being done to the environment. Most eco-friendly cleaning supplies in Melbourne are safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, and made with sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly cleaning products can also help lessen both water and air pollution, and effectively fight climate change and ozone depletion.

Additionally, there are a myriad of benefits for you when you switch to using eco-friendly products! 

Here are six reasons why switching to green cleaning is beneficial.

1)  Fewer chemicals

Most regular cleaning products contain several harmful chemicals such as ammonia, phthalates, chlorine, nonoxynol, and many more. Once you use such chemically packed sprays and scrubs in your house, you will notice a residue left on the surfaces and fumes in the air. Even though the ingredients of such regulated products have been deemed safe, there is a long-term risk involved. These products often have a lack of transparency with labelling and what each product contains.

Due to these harmful chemicals, people experience problems like skin irritation and allergic reactions. In contrast, all eco-friendly products contain natural ingredients such as lactic acid, citric acid, and enzymes which are much less harsh and over-powering than chemical cleaning products.

2) Environmentally friendly

One of the best advantages of using natural and homemade cleaning products, such as baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar, is that they are much more environmentally friendly than standard manufactured cleaning products.

Unfortunately, many manufactured cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that eventually end up in our waterways and soil. This, in turn, damages our fragile ecosystem and disturbs our natural balance. Eco-friendly cleaning products are biodegradable and have far less of an impact on the environment. A great way to keep our houses clean and consciences clear.

3) Great efficiency

Most people believe that eco-friendly products are not as efficient as chemical-based cleaning products. However, there are only a few pieces of evidence that suggest antibacterial soap products are more effective than natural soaps. Eco-friendly products are preferred by people who are prone to allergy or suffer from respiratory conditions. These products keep the skin supple and nourishes them naturally without killing the healthy bacteria- which chemical products probably do. It is also said that antibacterial cleaning products can encourage bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

4) Money saver

The cost of the products may vary depending on where you have bought them. You can purchase non-toxic cleaning products from most supermarkets and stores, or you can even make your natural cleaning products too.

In terms of both environmental and health benefits, there are also long-term advantages of using eco-friendly cleaning products. With natural alternatives, you can avoid significant wear and tear to your property and potentially enjoy a longer time before having to replace surfaces and units.

5) Overall safety

If you have young children in the home, using eco-friendly cleaning products just makes the most sense. Children that are five years old or below are susceptible to harmful chemicals. When you switch from traditional cleaners to environmentally-friendly ones, you are creating a safer atmosphere for you and your kids.

6) Green scheme bookings

With many people becoming environmentally conscious, there has been an evident rise in the demand for eco-friendly products. If you incline to a more eco-friendly approach, you could even attract a wider pool of visitors looking for green alternatives.


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