No Rinse floor cleaner.Enzyme Wizard
No Rinse floor cleaner.Enzyme Wizard
No Rinse floor cleaner.Enzyme Wizard
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No Rinse floor cleaner.Enzyme Wizard

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  • A more sustainable cleaner. Enzymes are readily biodegradable
  • Support for the “compaction” trend. Low volumes of enzymes are required to replace high-volume ingredients such as surfactants and builders.
  • Improved performance. The synergistic effect of combining several enzymes results in improved stain removal and overall floor cleaning beyond what single enzymes and traditional surfactants can achieve.
  • Energy-efficient product. Enzymes work well even at low temperatures, allowing wash temperature reductions and thereby energy savings.
  • Enzyme cleaners are naturally occurring elements so they are “Planet-Safe.”

Enzyme Wizard - No Rinse Enzyme Cleaner

Mop your floors clean with our Enzyme Wizard no-rinse cleaner. Get sparkling floors and surfaces with our patented soap-free multi-enzyme cleaning formula. Opt for the best enzyme cleaner in Australia, and always have clean and spotless surfaces. 

From greasy kitchen tiles to grimy bathroom floors, from wooden floors to outdoor patios, this enzyme cleaner is perfect for all floor types and surfaces. 

Why Choose Enzyme Wizard Products?

Enzyme Wizard cleaning products offer a great alternative to chemical cleaners. It uses the power of natural-based plant enzymes to come up with soap-free cleaning formulas. The enzymes are mixed into the water at low concentration levels and are formulated to be 100% environmentally safe. The no-rinse enzyme cleaner is biodegradable and perfectly safe for humans, animals, and plants. 

When you use Enzyme Wizard products for cleaning, a remarkable biological reaction occurs to achieve effective cleaning. At first, the enzymes help to soften the grease, making it easier to remove. As the formula decomposes the nutrients, it might generate odours, but the bacteria in the cleaning solution promptly address them. The enzymes remain active for about seven to ten days, ensuring a gradual and consistent biological cleaning process. 

Features of Enzyme Wizard No Rinse Floor Cleaner

  • This enzyme cleaner is suitable for all surfaces - from floors to carpets to wall tiles. Choose a natural and highly effective enzyme carpet cleaner that always guarantees you clean surfaces. 
  • Made up of a patented soap-free, multi-enzyme cleaning formula. 
  • Effective in breaking down grease, oil, and food waste. 
  • The enzyme wizard carpet shampoo is designed to destroy all grease and grime instead of pushing the dirt around with soap. 
  • Lifts grease from all grout lines easily. 
  • Eliminates odours by destroying biological matter instead of just masking them. 
  • Even after it has been drained down, the enzyme formula continues to attack the grease and waste in the septic tank. 
  • The enzyme cleaner is pH neutral and non-corrosive. It can be used safely on all surfaces, not harmed by water.

Why Choose Us? 

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  • Efficient Customer Support
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