Carpet Cleaner Hire Melbourne
Carpet Cleaner Hire Melbourne
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Carpet Cleaner Hire Melbourne

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carpet cleaner hire, hourly or daily


Carpets are mainstay in many homes and establishments in the city. They’re decorative, functional, and can be extremely difficult to clean. While you can get by with regular vacuuming on a weekly basis, there will come a time where you need a deeper cleaning for your carpet.

Hot water extraction cleaning is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your carpet stays clean and lasts longer, but not everyone has the equipment to do it. In situations like these, hiring a carpet cleaner is your best option

Carpet Cleaner Hire In Melbourne

Getting your carpet deep cleaned is one of the best ways to clean, sanitize, and preserve it with no adverse effects to you or anyone else in the house. It removes odours, eliminates bacteria, and lifts dirt for easier clean-up. It’s an excellent cleaning solution for people who have allergies, or people who are worried about chemical residue affecting their carpet.

But to clean your carpet, you’ll need an extraction cleaner. Because most households or establishments don’t have access or the budget to buy their own, Wyndham Cleaning Supplies now offers carpet cleaners for hire in Melbourne. With affordable rates and great customer service, are now available to anyone who wants them.

Why Deep Your Carpets?

Carpets are some of the most heavily travelled spots in any house or establishment, so you must have them cleaned thoroughly and often. While dry-cleaning your carpets can do an acceptable job at getting rid of dirt and bacteria, you can miss some areas deep within your carpet.

Shampoos, vacuums, and powders can help narrow this gap, but only steam cleaning can reach deep within the fibres of your carpet to draw out any dirt and other particles inside.  it’s also a child and pet-friendly way of keeping your carpets clean and sanitised.

Regular carpet cleaning can also prolong the life of your carpets since it’s gentler on the material compared to chemical products. It also helps repel stains, allowing you to keep your carpet clean for longer.

Our Guarantee

We routinely maintain and inspect each steam cleaner that we provide, to ensure that you get the best steaming experience. We’ll advise you on how to use the steam cleaner to get the most cleaning done, and you can also consult with us for advice on how to keep your carpet in excellent condition until you need to steam them again.

We’re also flexible in our renting durations, so you don’t have to pay anything more than you absolutely have to when you hire our steam cleaners. This allows you more flexibility to steam your carpets properly, regardless of their size.

If you’re looking for the best and most affordable carpet cleaner hire in Melbourne, contact us at Wyndham Cleaning Supplies today.