Cleaning supplies from Wyndham Cleaning

Keeping your space clean is essential- whether it's your home or business space- cleanliness is key for the productivity and health of those who reside in those places. 

With cleaning products ranging from window cleaning, hygiene and sanitising products, laundry, polish, carpet cleaning, eco-friendly products and machinery for hire, there are countless ways to ensure top quality of your space. Purchasing or hiring cleaning supplies, therefore, can be an overwhelming task as there are just too many choices and decisions to be made, especially when they all claim to help clean your spaces, leaving it spick and span. But how do you know which ones are the ones for you? 

Below are five cleaning means provided by Wyndham Cleaning Supplies:

  1. Chemical cleaning supplies
    Keeping your space clean is one of the best ways to avoid accidents, sickness, and pests from ruining your quality of life, especially during these trying times of covid and lockdown.
    Proper cleaning supplies can make your surroundings more presentable, and generally improves the quality of life. Whether you run a school, hotel, restaurant, or retirement home, you need cleaning supplies to maintain your facility. Alternatively, cleaning supplies are also available to purchase or hire for personal spaces and use.
    If you are looking for quality grade, efficient and cost-effective cleaning products, then Wyndham Cleaning Supplies has you covered! 
    Providing essential products that you, a business and/ or cleaners may require, to maintain safer and healthier premises, with eco-friendly options available too! Wyndham Cleaning Supplies has a vast assortment and variety of housekeeping chemicals, cleaning solutions to wash employee uniforms, and general domestic and commercial cleaning supplies, made specially to maintain facilities in much safer and efficient manners, providing ready-to-use chemicals to reduce preparation time before cleaning.

  2. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies
    Keeping any space clean is essential but what would make the process even more effective is by utilising chemical-free and eco-friendly products as it will benefit the people living in those areas, living in a chemical-free environment. This will ensure fewer flareups or chemical-induced skin irritations and make spaces more liveable for children and pets. Additionally, eco-friendly cleaning will allow for your home or business to be more environmentally savvy and with no additional costs when switching over from chemical products to eco-friendly ones. Wyndham Cleaning Supplies’ eco-friendly cleaning products contain no caustic ingredients, has double strength enzyme formula, is soap-free and eliminates dirt and grime, whilst being biodegradable. These eco-friendly cleaning products can be disposed of down drains and are safe to use on any surface that can take water- floors, walls, glass, stainless steel, tiles, range hoods, BBQ’s, benchtops, etc. These products are made to eliminate any foul odours at the source, ensuring that enzymes will carry on breaking down organic matter, fats, oils and grease that bacteria feed on. Eco-friendly cleaning products available at Wyndham Cleaning Supplies, are gentle for allergies, asthma & skin irritations and our policy here is to check all home products for any chemicals that may harm your children and your pets, labelling our products accordingly while providing alternatives. Wyndham Cleaning Supplies eco-friendly cleaning range includes Glass/ Stainless Steel Cleaners, Heavy Duty Floor/ Surface Cleaners, Wheelie Bin Cleaners 
  3. Carpet cleaning
    A clean carpet is a significant factor in determining how liveable your space is. Aside from being one of the most reliable ways to protect flooring, carpets can instantly add more life and vibrancy to a room. Decorative or practical, carpets are a common sight in a lot of households and establishments. However, they’re also one of the dirtiest. It is important therefore to keep your carpet clean and ensure that it is free of dirt, dust, bacteria and mites; as well as prolong the lifespan of your carpet in general and prevent any damages. Wyndham Cleaning Supplies has a large range of carpet cleaning supplies online ranging from carpet spotters to urine and stain removers that are formulated to rid of stains, as well as a large range of carpet cleaning solutions such as carpet shampoos and exit carpet detergent that work to destroy all organic matter, not just lift the top layer of soil and dirt. 
  4. Window cleaning
    Whether you run a school, hotel, restaurant, or retirement home, you need cleaning supplies to maintain your facility. And, keeping your premises clean is one of the best ways to avoid accidents, sickness, and pests from ruining your quality of life, especially during these trying times of covid and lockdown. Wyndham Cleaning Supplies stocks a range of window cleaning products that can be found here. Additionally, to aid with the goal of window cleaning and sanitary windows, Wyndham Cleaning Supplies stocks Sörbo products ranging from channel and rubbers to tricket washers, gloves and handles. Wyndham Cleaning Supplies also has in stock the Sörbo window cleaning line of game-changing 3X4 squeegees that were praised for their singular design, and that paved the way for unprecedented and unparalleled window cleaning tools.
Cleaning equipment for hire 
Sometimes hiring a cleaning machine, rather than spending thousands of owning one that you’ll use probably only once or twice a year, is a better option. 
The Polivac Terminator PLUS is a 600 PSI pump, weighing 45 kilograms, made to help you get more work done in less time. The Terminator PLUS has all the power and performance of larger carpet extraction machines with compact body size for maximum manoeuvrability. Additionally, the Polivac Terminator Plus is all-Australian designed and built with parts available all over Australia! To check out the Polivac Terminator Plus click here. Utilising carpet cleaning machinery as such allows for deep cleaning, meaning that your carpet will undergo cleansing with this machinery and give you the cleanest carpet as a result.  To check out other hireable machinery and equipment from Wyndham Cleaning Supplies, click here.