Polivac Terminator Plus

Polivac Terminator Plus

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    This carpet extraction machine has 2 x 1100 watt 2 stage suspension-mounted bypass vacuum motors

  • PUMP

  • The carpet cleaning extractor has 600 PSI max rated PLUNGER pump driven by inbuilt motor.


    Maximum 600 PSI, 


    Solution tank: 50 liters (11 gals.) Recovery tank: 20 liters (5.28 gals.)



  • Complete with 5m hose and 12 inch 2 jet stainless steel wand

Proper cleaning supplies can make your surroundings more presentable, and generally improves your quality of life. Polivac is one of Australia's leading manufacturers of commercial cleaning equipment and has been in existence for over 70 years.

Polivac products have earned a reputation for innovation, reliability and more importantly their legendary long life. Built for the commercial trade, Polivac is a favourite brand amongst commercial cleaners as their products are built tough and offer ease of use and maintenance and durability. Polivac is supported by the Global Dealer Network where parts can be sourced easily and quickly anywhere in Australia, if not globally.

The Polivac Terminator PLUS is a 600 PSI pump, weighing 45 kilograms, made to help you get more work done in less time. The new Terminator PLUS has all the power and performance of larger carpet extraction machines with compact body size for maximum maneuverability. It can fit easily into the back of most station wagons and allows you to get into tight spaces for fast, efficient cleaning without sacrificing power.

Polivac Terminator PLUS offers brute power in compact-sized body giving you all the power and performance of larger extraction machines with a compact body size for maximum maneuverability.

Additionally, the Polivac Terminator Plus is all-Australian designed and built with parts available all over Australia! To check out the Polivac Terminator Plus click here. With Wyndham Cleaning Supplies you’ll always get your money’s worth with every purchase.

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